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2024: A New Era For Age Of Legends

Thank You, Merry Christmas And Here's To 2024!

Dev Diary #18: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chiss-mas!

Dev Diary #17: Age Of Legends LEGACY [All Playable Factions PART FOUR]

Dev Diary #16: The Crime Lords! (All Playable Factions, PART THREE)

Dev Diary #15: New Warlords and the Unknown Regions; Every Planned Faction (PART TWO)

Dev Diary #14: Every Single Playable Faction Coming To Age of Legends (PART ONE)

Mod Review: Reign Of The Old Republic

Dev Diary #13: This Is Important! 'Galactic Overhaul' Update

Murder In The Senate (Universe Undone #1)

Introducing 'Universe Undone' - The Prequel Era Infinities Series

Dev Diary #12: Imperial Leadership Succession

Dev Diary #11: The New Republic's FULL Space Roster!

Dev Diary #10: Coruscant Has Fallen!

Bug Hunt! Hotfix #5 Out Now

Dev Diary #9: Alderaan Strikes Back, Mon Calamari Light Warships, Mag Pulse Warfare

Test Flight At Osk-7

Legends Continued: New Stories In The Expanded Universe

Dev Diary #8: The Galaxy Just Got A Lot Bigger

Incoming! Age of Legends v1.33: The Ground War is OUT NOW

Dev Diary #7: ISB Tactical Units, Spaarti Stormtroopers, Medical Droids and, you guessed it, much more!

Development Diary #6: The (new) New Republic, Special Forces, and more!

The Siege Of Phaeda

Development Diary #5: Expeditionary Warfare, Raptor Troopers, Snipers and more!

Development Diary #4: Caedus' Aerial Units, Mercenary Armies and the CRIME LORDS

Development Diary #3: The Air War, The Mandalorians Return, 501st Stormies, and WRIST ROCKETS

Development Diary #2: Magma Troopers, Snow Scouts, and how one tweak changes EVERYTHING

Development Diary #1: Variants & Reskins, Infantry Overhaul, the Tapani Sector

Essential Guide #12: Beginner's Guide to Age of Legends