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Want advice on defeating the Dark Empire and its fleets of Super Star Destroyers? Do you need tips counteracting the Yuuzhan Vong? Not sure how to fight the aliens of the Unknown Regions? Want to have exclusive access to mod news and development updates?

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New Tales In The Expanded Universe

I’m a professional writer by trade, and I’ve brought a lot of love and attention to these tales. They’re written in the style of the classic Bantam or Del Rey novels that you remember, picking up threads long since abandoned by official Star Wars, and devoted to the lore we grew up with.

All subscribers get access to these free short stories based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. These might be told from the perspective of heroes such as Mara Jade Skywalker or military leaders like Grand Admiral Pellaeon, or from the perspective of an unknown pilot or foot soldier.

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Breathing new life into the Star Wars Expanded Universe through this guide to the popular 'Age of Legends' mod for Empire at War, and new short stories set in the Legends continuity.


I am the creator of the Age of Legends series of mods for Empire at War, and a professional writer and editor.