Welcome to the unmissable guide to Age of Legends, the popular Empire at War mod! Age of Legends: The Essential Guide will feature regular newsletters packed full of analysis, tips, fun things to try and MORE. There will also be free monthly short stories set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Why Subscribe?

All subscribers get a free short story every month based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the events of the Age of Legends mod. These might be told from the perspective of heroes such as Mara Jade Skywalker or military leaders like Grand Admiral Pellaeon, or from the perspective of an unknown pilot or foot soldier.

But full subscribers get complete access to that and the regular newsletter and website, which is packed with tips, hints, analysis and strategies, as well as hidden, secret or obscure features, and unit and hero analysis. Plus much more. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. So sign-up now!

Here’s what the full $5 a month subscription will include in the regular newsletter:

Hints, Tips and Strategies

Want advice on defeating the Dark Empire and its fleets of Super Star Destroyers? Do you need tips counteracting the Yuuzhan Vong? Not sure how to fight the aliens of the Unknown Regions? Every week the newsletter will include hints, tips and strategies on tricky areas of the mod and how to beat “no win” scenarios. These will be based on player feedback and suggestions/requests from Discord. Join the community here.

Roster and Faction Breakdowns

The Age of Legends contains dozens of factions. To help new and existing players the newsletter will feature detailed guides on each faction’s roster, its heroes, political and military leadership, and military doctrine(s). These guides will cover different playstyles you can adopt, recommended fleet and army composition, and the Galactic Conquest maps in which the faction features.

For larger factions like the Empire and the New Republic, each era will have an article of its own.

Cool New Things to Try

Stuck in a gaming rut? Always end up playing as the Empire? Well fear not: the mod has dozens of factions, with dozens more planned. There are countless scenarios to try, and the newsletter will have no end of suggestions for fun new ways to play, and new things to try.

After Action Reports

The Age of Legends series lets you play through every imaginable Star Wars scenario in the Legends continuity with its range of “historic” Galactic Conquest maps. But once these games begin they can take dramatic deviations away from Star Wars history. Not least because of the mods’ unique Invasion mechanic: where the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion can occur well before time.

These After Action Reports will be fascinating articles about these deviating paths of history, the military campaigns that take place, behind-the-scenes political mechanations, and the desperate last stands of factions that should have ruled the Galaxy. These articles will be written in the style of The Essential Guide to Warfare, the best Star Wars guide ever published.

Bonus Units and Easter Eggs

Want to find that weird looking Star Destroyer or build Providence-class cruisers as the New Republic? B2 Super Battle Droids in the Vong War? How do you fire the Galaxy Gun? Want to see Ace Azzameen and the YT-2000 ‘Otana’ in action?

The Age of Legends mods are packed with units from Star Wars lore. Some of them are unique hero ships or one-time bonus craft. Others are buildable but hidden, requiring specific planets and/or special space stations. Every newsletter will highlight a special unit and how to get it.

Unit Focus

Picking a unit at random this feature will give an in-depth look at a space or land unit.

Lore Corner

A short feature looking at an aspect of Star Wars Legends lore, from the obscure, weird and wonderful, to the more well known, with a focus on how it is reflected in the mod. From Jedi with red lightsabers, to Imperial fighter aces, learn your lore here.

Monthly Ask Me Anything Sessions

Each month I will host an AMA session where you can ask me anything. Be it about upcoming mod features, development, Star Wars lore, other games or mods, or anything else.

Community Requests and Features

The newsletter will respond to what the mod community wants. If you have a campaign you want to share, a weird battle to report, or a feature to suggest, let me know on Discord.

Development Updates

Get the latest in-depth development updates about future releases, new factions, and new features.

Bonus articles

There will also be frequent special articles on a range of topics, from what influences the mod (like the classic X-Wing Alliance game!) to the tantalising gaps left in Legends’ lore.

Free Subscription Option

Want more Age of Legends: Essential Guide content? The story continues with the free subscription option. At least once a month an original (free) piece of fiction based on an event in the period of the mod will be released. These might be told from the perspective of heroes such as Mara Jade Skywalker or military leaders like Grand Admiral Pellaeon, or from the perspective of an unknown pilot or foot soldier. Some of these stories will fit the established lore of Star Wars Legends, others will be Infinities-style, “what-if” tales based on the unique gameplay of the Age of Legends series.

The paid option also includes the free short stories, in addition to the massive amount of content above. So sign-up to Age of Legends: The Essential Guide today!


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